Stores Found in Current Locations Part 1

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Stores Found in Current Locations

There are a number of stores that are currently found in Stardom. The easiest way to find information out about them all is just simply clicking here.

Here are a few thoughts for a few locations:

Pet Stores:

There are currently only two locations: Mister Pets in Downtown or The Emerald Chinchilla in The Hills. I'd love to see pet stores in all different locations that are currently available in the game: The Neighbourhood, The Coast, The Valley, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York, Cannes.

As for the current pet stores right now, they both carry identical pets and, once bought, you can't get them anymore. Here's what I'm thinking: each store would have its own specialty of pets:

The one in The Neighbourhood would have caged animals like hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, mice and other small pets for the lowest of low costs, maybe no more than $50 (Please note that prices for these and the other stores are suggestions only and not set in stone. It'd also be nice to have a nice range of prices no matter the location so that that special pet you've been eyeing for a while could be obtained!).

The pet store Downtown (Mister Pets) would have somewhat larger animals for sale - small caged birds, certain cats, small dogs, and other medium sized pets at a slightly higher price range, maybe no more than $300, that would be apartment friendly.

The pet store found on the Coast would have specialty pets found on the coastal lines - fish, turtles, frogs, other aquatic animals, maybe even a seagull, pelican, ducks or geese, other coastal animals. These pets could go up to $800.

The pet store found in The Valley would have larger pets for sale - large dogs, large cats, medium to large birds (****atiels {goodness you can't even put animal species on here! O_o}, parrots, etc), ferrets, rabbits, other medium to large pets that aren't cats and dogs. These pets could go up to $3000.

The Emerald Chinchilla found in The Hills could be more elegant/exotic pets. Chinchillas, elegant dogs and cats, other more exotic animals. These pets could go up to $6000.

Las Vegas - these would be more pets found within Las Vegas - reptiles, to be exact. This store could play host to reptiles of all kinds. The prices for these pets could go up to $8000.

San Francisco - Different breeds of dogs, cats, birds, small-large pets and aquatic animals that aren't found in anyh of the other pet stores. The prices for these pets could go up to $10000.

New York - Designer pets would be found here! Chihuahuas, Dobermans, mixed breeds such as Labradoodles, Puggles, ****apoos, foxes, wolf hybrids, designer cats, pigeons, doves, other kinds of designer animals that aren't canine and feline. Prices for these pets could go up to $12000.

Cannes - French animals would be found here! French dogs, French cats, French rabbits, French pigeons. Prices for these pets could go up to $15000.

Yes, some pets could be bought with Star Coins, too, but would be nice to have most pets readily available to be purchased with cash.

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