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This is something I've loved seeing in this game! Marriage! From what I've read, you can get married up to five times...and that's a little odd XD Most people are Monogamous. I know I am. I'd feel really weird seeing up to five relationships living in each of my houses in-game XD There should be an option to choose whether or not you want to be monogamous or polygamous in the game. If you choose the monogamous lifestyle, the extra rings you get from other engagements would become anniversary gifts from your hubby/wife. If you decide to divorce your current marriage, you'd lose all the rings and would have to start from scratch again.
If you choose the polygamous lifestyle, the engagement rings would be just that - engagement rings. Any extras would go towards anniversary gifts if you don't have the full five hubbies/wives (just typing this looks really weird LOL XD). Again, if you divorce any one of your relationships, you'd lose all rings attached to that marriage and would have to start from scratch again.

Dressing Your B/F or G/F, Fiance or Hubby/Wife Up

I love this option! The fact that you can get to gift and dress your special person up is a lot of fun. However, there's a ton more clothing options to be bought, and expensively so, with Star Coins as opposed to money. There are also a very few options to choose from. It'd be so much fun if the full wardrobe was given to you for your Significant Other like you'd get for your own personal character to be able to have fun dressing another character up and the suggestions I've given for clothing would apply here, too (see the Dressing/Creating/Changing Your Character Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3).
I'd also love to be able to change his hairstyle and colour and his eye colour if I was so wanting to (gifts of hair salon visits and colour contacts anyone?). It'd also be nice to be able to remove tattoos they have on if they're not one you'd want on them, just like you can your own character.

The biggest thing is that you can't preview clothing on your S/O before buying. What if you liked something in the thumbnail but didn't like it on? Doesn't make much sense. Please let us preview before buying.

Dating/Getting Engaged/Marriage

Whether you're dating your B/F or G/F, your Fiance or your Hubby/Wife, I'd love to see more animations! There are things like Kissing which can be done in any date, or special things that can be done when having a date at your S/O's apartment, or any number of things that can be done depending on where you're having your date. I'd love to see more animations take place showing the two characters kissing, or Getting Close if you're having a date at The Black Widow, or anything that may happen in your S/O's appartment, or other things that may happen during a location-specific date. Keeping all animations clean of course and G-rated.

When you get engaged, and you agree to get married, you kiss your now Fiance. I'd love to see this happen instead of the two of you just sitting there lol XD The same thing goes when you get married. You kiss your hubby/wife but you don't get to see it.

You'd have the option of turning animations off in Options if you don't want to see them.

With dating goals, I'd love to see the goals become indefinite so that you don't feel like that's all there is to do with them.

I'd also love to see coffee shop dates! Sometimes you just wanna grab a coffee with your S/O and chat. Why not be able to do this in-game?

I'd also love to see dates in your S/O's apartment not take so long. You put a lot of energy out for very few hearts.

I'd also love to see more and more levels for your hubby/wife than just being stuck at 4999/5000. I don't think I'll ever get to 5000 just cuz I may not be able to date him anymore and that'd be terrible lol!

Finally, I'd love to see different heart speech bubble colours. Pink with black for more romantic conversations, red with black for dates. That way we'd know if our partner wants to just talk or go for a date XD

On the topic of conversations, be it romantic conversations or not, I'd love to see more conversations options with your partner or B/F or G/F or Fiance instead of just having the option to say "Hi!" It'd give a better feel to the conversations instead of it being short and curt XD


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