In-Game Currency Purchases

FaolanFaolan Registered Users 19 Posts
This is something that may be touchy. No offense is meant in this post, but these are my feelings.

I'd love to see more in-game currency given for what you pay real money for. I find the amounts that you do get aren't nearly fair based on the costs of items that you find in-game. It'd be nice that the costs for items bought with in-game currencies either go down drastically, or you get way more in-game currency for what you pay. As it stands right now, the ratios aren't the best and it would be nice to see this get looked into. Even if you do get more in-game currency for what you pay, it doesn't seem fair to players who can't afford to buy with real money to be penalized because the costs for things in-game are a lot more than they're able to earn through completing productions. Not to mention Star Coins are even more difficult to earn in-game. It's something to seriously think about and hopefully change.
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