Dating Locations, Costs and Times Part 1: Cheap Dates


Hello everyone! :D

I'm sure a lot of you are wondering where all the dating locations are, how much they cost and how long they take. I know I was, and so I thought I'd take my husband on every date possible to see what the best, and worst, places are. Now I know some locations are locked to me and I'm not sure if they're locations that can be used for dates or not, so I'll update this guide with more info if necessary, but, for now, here are all the locations that I can access and I hope this helps you with dates.

Seeing as costs for each date vary due to where you are, level-wise, with your partner, I won't be putting actual dollar values.

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Cheap Dates

There are a few cheap dates around Stardom. Your S/O (Significant Other)'s Apartment (Locations of which can be found at the bottom of this guide here), Wasted in The Neighborhood, the beach on the Coast, Le Poisson Bleu in Cannes and Central Park in New York. Below I'll list the info for each in order of cost.

S/O Apartment/Beach:

Cost: Cheapest

Length of Time: Longest Date. Will take the most energy and dating time

Hearts per Activity: 1-5 (Apartment), 1-6 (Beach)

Heart Meter: Slowest to fill up

Central Park/Le Poisson Bleu:

Cost: Second cheapest

Length of Time: Moderate. However, date will still take time and is still rather long. May take about half the date time or a little less

Hearts per Activity: 2-8 (Central Park), 1-5 (Le Poisson Bleu)

Heart Meter: Fastest of the cheap dates to fill up but still tedious even with an increase of hearts per activity (heart increase note is for Central Park)


Cost: Most expensive cheap date (which isn't costly at all)

Length of Time: Slightly faster date. Will take the second most energy and dating time

Hearts per Activity: 1-5

Heart Meter: Almost as slow as S/O's Apartment/Beach date to fill up
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