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TripleTripeTripleTripe New MemberRegistered Users 7 Posts
I don't know why, please help me with this- I played about 1 hour in Android device this game.
work well, were fun but.. had a massage something "saved google cloud" something, only had to press "Ok"
and 23 starts lose so strange, from 100 stars to 77, and Omaha campain still open and I just had 77 starts :(
please, how I turn my device cloud back to 100 stars normal...?

is turn me back in time.. strange, I had about 5 or 6 missions fully 3 stars completed in..
and 20k money gone too.. from missions :\
Is make me sad, why this problem happend.. is gone back too in "Barue defence" - 2 levels lose back in time..

Please help me with that, I need your help.. lose in the cloud :\
Thanks for who can help me with this, please.. scary if happend again :(


  • bigfootbigfoot New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    You should read my thread that is posted just before yours, titled "lost more than 40 days" your loss is nothing compared to mine, I had something like 325 stars, only 110 stars are left. It seems it is retrieving a backup from google's server, you had 2 options and you chose the one with "cloud" like I did unfortunately, I don't think there is way back!!!
  • LindyoxLindyox New Member Registered Users 12 Posts
    This is what you get when Glu creates a version 3.0?
  • TripleTripeTripleTripe New Member Registered Users 7 Posts
    maybe, no sure if version 3.0 but can be, if you say, think so bro :\
    and bigfoot, I lose I wanted say what, didnt watch to see the loss 40 days.
    you right, I just wanted answer to this problem, little but very annoying.
  • syllambabasyllambaba New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    I can not play for my first time you must give me a gun i can not buy the sniper gun currency problem
  • sgryansgryan New Member Registered Users 11 Posts
    I need your help
    What will a person be doing when they "Play" Spec-Ops Crate to wind the tank rifle (1 play = 20, 5 plays = 95)? Once I know what I am asked to do I will know more about how successful I will be.
    One can't imagine how successful they will be at something without knowing what they are expected to do.
  • joneswilsonjoneswilson New Member Registered Users 12 Posts
    try to download new version i hope you will get more features.
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