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  • Gisselle.dGisselle.d Registered Users 1 Posts
    Hello my Id. is 013695005535838
    My Facebook name is Gisselle rossa
    Add me. I play everyday😄
  • Freya2015Freya2015 Registered Users 1 Posts
    Please add me. Facebook Dena Dinsmore. I am a B-lister. Level 18, I play daily. Thanks ♡♡
  • outspokencajunoutspokencajun Registered Users 1 Posts
    Hey all!! Please feel free to add me. I play daily and am level 19 and an A-lister.
  • Honesty4realHonesty4real Registered Users 10 Posts
    PLEASE add me on Google+ for KKH.🙋🙌🙅🙇🙏🙆 I had to start over (new device)😳😦😟😢😭 In need off friends. I play everyday.😊
  • cupcake43040cupcake43040 Registered Users 7 Posts
    Add me on google [email protected] I don't know how to add people i would love to gift and b gifted I play daily almost a c lister! If anyone could let me know how u add friends please help
  • dollface0718dollface0718 Registered Users 1 Posts
    You can follow me. My username is dollface0718 😊
  • Adoree1982Adoree1982 Registered Users 12 Posts
    You can add me in fb: i play on google and ios.
  • Julie CastilloJulie Castillo Registered Users 8 Posts
    Ilovejuleee@hotmail. com :FB
  • Julie CastilloJulie Castillo Registered Users 8 Posts
    Can anybody add me on Google+ [email protected]
    I just had to restart but I play daily and will gift . I'll follow you if u follow me thx 😁
  • TifahTifah Registered Users 1 Posts
    hi, i am in need of friends...please add me on facebook with Olorunimbe Latifat
  • Bentley StellarBentley Stellar Registered Users 45 Posts
    Emilyemily wrote: »
    I'm from belguim (so sorry if my english isn't right) and it looks like no one in belguim plays stardome hollywood on facebook or whatever.. Are there people who would want to add on facebook so I can also send and get gifts?
    shaggy223a wrote: »
    You can add me on . I am playing this and have same issue
    Bammer83 wrote: »
    Hey guys in really need friends who I can exchange gifts with and who play consistently. I play on android so I need to use Facebook to get friends. You can add me under Shameera Vilsaint

    Thanks and happy gaming

    Hey loves :) ik these posts aren't exactly recent but hoping majority of those I think would be a good fit for my overly generous nature (I'm talking about kkh lol, ,learned to be less carefree in life in the SAME exact manner a long time ago lol.. I'm Bentley Stellar on kkh, A++ #141.. I made (well added my email to my bfs' shell account he uses for gaming ..sooo it says the FB account name is Jay Bee..although I'm a girl (u can call Me kj,..kjo.. For real) if u need an email to look it up search [email protected]. . I put my e-mail as a secondary on his & added a pic from kkh so u guys know is me..I don't think I have anything written yet but I will ASAP! Xoxo

    Btw I don't have messenger app BC FB is obvy a bunch of snakes so try to post on my wall and lmk u are adding me from glu or u can email as well,, me here if you want! Up to u! Xoxo

    ALSO second player..main account-

    FB: [email protected]
       FB NAME: Jay Bee Kay Jay
    GC: kjo1003

    Multi daily player! love to gift!
    Had to start over a few times so strictly playing under Jailyn name on KKH right now!

  • MegdigglesMegdiggles Registered Users 2 Posts
    Looking for friends have 3 gift boxes to give away
    Please add me!
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