Game Strengths require an engineering degree to figure out

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So with the app showing me this game strength it's beyond me why it's giving me an option to activate a handicap.

Profile team strength at 44k btw and all staring pitchers maxed 5* as well as my keeper Degrom (145) starting this match which could explain the handicap option but come on GLU give us a break with all these weird numbers.



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    I noticed that happened to me as well when my team was around 30k. I was playing someone and it showed I was at like 21k and they had a 27k team and it was telling me to enable a handicap... weird stuff maybe just a bug. I think I clicked the handicap and his pitcher was a 60 overall.
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    We’ve had the other thread about team strength dropping during gameplay as well...with one club member dropping 12k on average. team strength programming just might be messed up and could be a factor in so many guys having trouble winning prime/bonus/season mode games in bronze
    It's all done with mirrors
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