POTW boxes can be BRUTAL

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Not only is our club mired in a less than 10% strike rate for acquiring a POTW player from the listed 40-50% odds, but my former POTW Ryu just dropped 17 points....after spending nearly 17,000 XP that evaporated after the drop down....

Tough decision on those POTW boxes....They seem very hard to get the stated odds at the present, and when we DO get them, the tax man takes TWO levels in essence, away from you when they drop down.

Hmmmm - are they a worthy investment?



  • JTANDMEJTANDME Registered Users, Member 767 Posts
    I would say it is, as with a lot in this game, dependant upon your roster. The week it was Ryu and Thor I made sure I got both because I still had 4 star starting pitching so even reduced they were better than what I had. This week I already have max 325 at 1st and 3rd so after the drop they will be right in line with the former POTW ranking.  
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    They are tough sells to upgrade when you get past silver thats for sure.   I took the Bell I got yesterday to Gold 1 but past that feels like a poor ROI considering the resources for one week.   So i guess in summary, bronze and silver are probably fine, gold and above probably not
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    Worth it if you want to stay competitive during the events. Especially the double skilled ones. I usually have a replacement player ready to replace them with once their stats do drop, so I don't sweat it. My issue is deciding on which ones to keep on my roster for future events and which to trade in.
  • MetsicansMetsicans Registered Users, Member 1,046 Posts

    POTWs are one of the main reasons why going past silver is a question mark for me.  I got Bell and Vlad late yesterday (too late to help me with the bonus game event).  But I still leveled them because they can help me in WOH on Monday.  The total XP cost wasn't that bad.  But if I was gold, the additional XP cost would definitely have not made them worthwhile. Plus the extra 100 gold and 10 evo. 

    Yesterday I got both of my POTWs for free thanks to CVC.  But I would not pay 1100 gold for them again if they're not going to be bonus guys on Tuesday.  I'm finally at the point where reduced POTWs would not make my roster.  In terms of buying them, I think I'll only do it going forward if the POTWs are guys who are likely to repeat the honor, like Yelich or Bellinger (both of whom I have). 

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    I’ve opened 5 boxes over the past three weeks. I’ve gotten a player each time, so the odds were in my favor in that regards. I level them up to silver 10 but no further than that. Once they get reduced they get relegated to my inactive list unless their team has some sort of bonus during one of the events. 
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