amazing how many people looking for clubs! Nobody wants to join, lol they all want you to join them. Recruiting players and getting recruited. 😂
Don't have many friends that play so I guess I’ll stick to just me!! 


  • adawg911adawg911 Registered Users, Member 20 Posts
    This was my main issue before I finally found Angry Dragons, I would post looking for players on global and they would recruit me instead, or the inbox would fill up with people saying you can join my club lol
  • JustbowhuntJustbowhunt Registered Users 83 Posts
    I found a good club too. It makes a heck of a difference 
  • Superapids135Superapids135 Registered Users 368 Posts
    Club = rewards = find one that hits all tiers during the week. My clubs hits all tiers all days (except Wednesday we usually don’t). The extra picks u get can become xp so it helps.
    plus if u win at CvC it helps. I win a handful of times a week so free 500gold boxes and 5500 pxp is nice and worth the cash
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