Ramirez D10

HaraycarayHaraycaray Registered Users, Member 910 Posts
anyone get there yet? 


  • effschmoo2effschmoo2 Registered Users, Member 184 Posts
    Hard to stay motivated to get him there. 
  • redlegs2018uredlegs2018u Registered Users, Member 989 Posts
    I have one more level to go, motivation was ok today because I had a weekend player I needed to finish capping and even with its issues the sheer amount of cash, bonus games and exp still are huge even if I don’t care for the player offered (I traded in Marsinick before he played one actual 9 inning game because he wasn’t a bonus player the next day).
  • More2Most2FirstMore2Most2First Registered Users, Member 601 Posts

    Bronze Level 10 - the factor is 1.22
    Silver Level 10 - the factor is 1.61
    Gold Level 10 - the factor is 2.14
    Platinum Level 10 - the factor is 2.82
    Diamond Level 10 - the factor is 3.66

    Use those to multiply the Bronze 1 ratings and you get the capped stats at each tier
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