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Good Morning Gentlemen&Gentlewomen,    I again appeal to you for your golden insights. This time concerning the secrets to Mystery Boxes.

So, this past weekend. I spun an UNGODLY # (total-160+) of the two types of Legend Mystery Boxes.  Fishing for the Holy Grail.  I filled a few ~needed Prime slots, lots of PXP, LXP etc;  but.....NO LEGENDS   nada.  It is Embarrassing to admit my addiction.  (amazing how many "Marv Throneberry" primes you can get in a row...and still push the button for more pain)

I, nicely, contacted CS with the hope that my  message of disappointment(&*^$(*&)  gets to the Glu Gods, hoping that maybe they throw me a bone out of pity....ha

Here is my main questions to the Mountain:

1-Would I have better success at targeting Mystery Box Legends on the weekend or weekdays?  Do you see a difference?

2-Are my odds even better  with CVC and WOH boxes? 

Please,  chime in with your experience!     Thanks so much Forum Nation!



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    If I had that answer then I would have a better team. I only won 1 cvc and pulled a prime from that. I tried the late night method by getting to 10k and failed miserably. Still looking for the answer myself
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    Its a mystery, thats for sure.  Ive read where others on here seem to have good luck with CVC boxes... I never have.  For me my luck seems to run in streaks but one thing is consistent.  If I am going after 1 particular player its guaranteed that I will NEVER get him!!!  If they would only sale players again in the store I would pay some real cash for a good Baez... but its not going to happen...

    I just hope I dont see him as a top level fan reward as I dont have that much gold.  But if he's there Im going after him!
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    You have a 1% chance of getting a Legend from these boxes. It’s unlikely no matter how many you buy. If you are determined my advice is save up and go during fan rewards once those players are available that way. 
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    @samtheman I pulled a legend on my very first try right after the very first legend was "accidentally" released. Since that date, I've had very. VERY. poor luck with boxes (both purchased and CVC). 
    "It's amazing how much work you can put in without gangly-ass legs in the way" - Sir Tdub71
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    It seems they have more in their box pulling algorithm than just the percentages. Maybe I was due for bad luck, but this was the first weekend I got no players from all the boxes I opened. Not even the lower level players. Just the lowered XP, PXP, and LXP. Normally between the CVC boxes and the freebies, I can get 1 player. Not always the top guys, but someone I can evaluate to see if they should make my team. This weekend, it was nothing. Yesterday with the boxes won from Classic, nothing. I wouldn’t think too much about that one yesterday if it wasn’t for the abnormally “bad luck” this past weekend. I don’t know what else is involved, but I have a sneaking suspicion they add in a few other factors than just the percentages. 
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    Thanks everybody for your comments.I am not pleased that everybody seems to be having the same issues. Something else is going on.  Therefore, I have to get this mystery box addiction under control!  Cheers!
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    If you're addicted to opening boxes, I would recommend playing a bunch of tournaments and bonus games. Opening hundreds of tournament boxes and late round draft picks can very quickly kill your desire to open more boxes 😁
    "It's amazing how much work you can put in without gangly-ass legs in the way" - Sir Tdub71
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    I can tell you my feeling about opening boxes. It "feels" like I have better odds when I open gift boxes or CVC win boxes. Maybe because it ticks me off to spend my gold on nothing, IDK. 

    I'm pretty sure that the pulls are streaky, tho. Last 2-3 weeks I pulled 350 guys and 380/390 guys like candy from boxes. So far the past week, nothing whatsoever.
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    My #1 rule in playing this game, learned the hard way last year, is that you should never, ever, chase a mystery box player (unless you're one of those people who spends hundreds or thousands of dollars on this game).  Last year, I wanted Ted Williams badly.  When he was first released, I bought so many boxes, came up empty, then bought a mountain of gold (despite being a F2P player most of the time) and burned through a chunk of that before I gave up.  No Ted.

    To be clear, here is why chasing a legend is a fool's errand right now:

    1) Whoever you're chasing, there is a better player around the corner. That's the nature of the game, aside from ATGs.

    2) If you have an emotional attachment to a specific player, there is almost always another version of that same player around the corner.  Last year I didn't get the first Ted, but I got two two-skilled Teds, and then could have bought Holiday Ted for $30 at Christmas.  Every one of those was cheaper than chasing the first Ted.

    3) The odds are low that you'll pull any legend, let alone the specific legend you want. I think someone above said 1%. 

    4) The scarcity of LXP right now makes every legend a long term project, assuming you are Gold level or higher.  If you invest in getting a legend, be prepared to invest a lot more to actually level him.  It's pretty frustrating to have a legend and sit him on your bench.

    5) You don't actually "need" a legend right now. Every event in the game is winnable without one, including HOF walkoff. 

    6) At some point every serious player of this game (maybe below Diamond level) is going to have a team of legends.  Bide your time. 

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    @Retirepujols @Accelman @Metsicians   WOW!  Awesome viewpoints guys.  I guess, you all  just smacked in the head. But I needed that!  Thanks!
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    I rarely have any serious luck with mystery boxes. I don’t tend to open very many because I don’t have the money for it, but it seems to be an RNG thing. Just pray to RNGesus, and maybe he will bless you. 
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    @niccopotamus.   Ha!  Maybe that’s what Is fn lacking!!!!   Thanks for the advice!   Cheers
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    I take what the game gives me through the week from my platinum club cvc boxes I usually pull a couple primes a week for free.  I drop a minimum of 20k on weekends so weekends is my splurge. 
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    I’ll just say this......don’t ever try crack!
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    I got my Goodrum from CVC. Also got Anderson as well. Both 400 primes. But I’ve also got a ton of bad CvC rewards and usually get the lowest thing.
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