‘19 Added Players Spreadsheet

here is fixed spreadsheet now only editable by me. Some random jerk sabotaged last one.  Feel free to ask any questions. To view spreadsheet better, please download the free google sheets app.  This is a live document so check back often for updated players and capped info.  This takes a good amount of time to do so if feeling charitable, send a gift to WackGoneLoco. I’ll come to help your club on cvc days between matches if you ask and if I’m able. Send screenshots of players caps missing from chart please as well. 
Multiplying factors from b1 to each cap are:
Bronze 10: 1.22
Silver 10: 1.61
Gold 10: 2.14
Platinum 10: 2.82
Diamond 10: 3.66
may be off one number



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    Yaaay, thanks so much for bringing this back.  By far the best resource of the season!  Much appreciated!!!
    Proud TSB VIP!
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