Monday WOH

2003cobra2003cobra Registered Users, Member 2,678 Posts
I know that there are plenty of people playing this game that can’t play much at all on Monday’s. My suggestion is that woh becomes a 24 hour event but to be fair you get a12 hour timer when you first start playing. For instance if you start at 7 am then it ends at 7 pm instead of midnight. They’ve figured out a pity timer and also overnight cvc so I’m sure that it could be done. Look how many cvc matches and prime events that you can play in a week but classic woh is limited to a 12 hour span. 


  • mythicaldragonmythicaldragon Registered Users, Member 2,407 Posts
    Hmmm and maybe another subscription/woh pass 19.99$ to play the full 24hrs 🤔
  • 2003cobra2003cobra Registered Users, Member 2,678 Posts
    I’m sure that some hard cores would go without sleep so that they could play for 24 hours
  • retirepujolsretirepujols Registered Users, Member 4,829 Posts
    This would be great, as not everyone's schedule lines up with the tsb schedule. I'm sure a bunch of dudes would play with their main for about 8 hours and their alt for about 8 hours, but that's on them 😂
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  • 2003cobra2003cobra Registered Users, Member 2,678 Posts
    I personally work 2-11 a lot of Monday’s. It’s very hard to gain resources needed especially at diamond level
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