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    It’s not happening but it’s what I’ve been talking about. I’ve tried to gently mention this with other posts that have raised eyebrows and probably because they weren’t written in a manner that others understood exactly what I was saying. (Apologies for that) The link you added is a fantastic article and it hits the nail on the head. This game is one that I love to play and enjoy the challenges is presents. However it has become tremendously expensive. It has constant errors that in my opinion really shouldn’t happen and frustrate the players that they occur with. I feel like the VIP council was or is a smoke screen that hasn’t produced results for the voice of the players. I don’t see how only 8 can represent the thousands that play this game. (Just my opinion) I believe that a formidable group gathered together that would agree to not play or spend even if only for a day or two could affect the bottom line enough to generate necessary changes or fixes to get the game back where it was in the beginning. Fun and enjoyable. 
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    @retirepujols - Dude spent 2 mil on that game and owns an appliance store!!  Holy Crap!!  I know there are those out there that spend what seems to me ridiculous amounts of money on this game, I assume they have an considerable amount of disposable income but guys like that need an intervention.

    @Justbowhunt - I get it, you want to see changes made.  Even simple ones that are way past due.  And your right money talks....  Alot more than any VIP council ever would.  I just think it would take alot more than an handful of forum members to make a difference.  I dont know Glu's numbers in players but my gut says the forum guys only make up a small % of users.  But I guess its a start....

    Im not a day trader but I have been looking into their stock, just curious if I could get a glimpse into the health and growth of this company...  Anyone that has experience in stock check it out -  It doesnt mean a whole lot to me because I am very unfamiliar with stocks but I do find some of the charts and P&L stats interesting....  Curious to see what others think of this.

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    I never realized how lucrative the appliance sales industry was. I’ll be thinking about this one for a few days
    No joke!  I’m considering changing occupation and I guarantee you I won’t be dropping 2 mil on a video game!
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    @8ball02 that’s an interesting link you shared. If you look at the historical data you can see that Glu made changes from January to August that weren’t appealing to its consumers because of the drop. What I’m hoping for everyone to understand is that change has to start somewhere. If you enjoy the game and want to continue playing, it has to be affordable. That’s my take anyway. All of the constant changes have been to produce revenues for Glu. I get that totally because if they don’t earn then they wind up selling or shutting it down for something else. We, as the consumer have to have a better voice and have to help them be profitable but at the same time affordable! This thread is a start. If we as players spread the word throughout our clubs and on FB and on the global chat then maybe we can produce the needed fixes or changes without having to go as far as a boycott or creating associations. Glu IS watching. 
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    ....If you enjoy the game and want to continue playing, it has to be affordable..... 
    I dont know were on the same page here.  I think it is pretty affordable and they have several very affordable options.  Nothing against F2P players but I dont think they are that way because they cant "afford" to spend occasionally, its just an choice.  I think Glu had done a great job of creating more affordable options this year to compared to years past.  I spent very little last year, a stadium subscription and that was about it.  This year Ive slowly spent enough where I am sniffing VIP level and have probably been more engaged this year than in years past.  And as a result I have by far the best team then I ever have.

    I just want all the bull crap to be fixed....  cvc panning, videos not working, players re-assigned, extra bases to work, etc.  If I ever complain about Glu being greedy is not about how much money they rack in or lack of affordability, but their focus soley on making money and not putting out the best product that they can.  Quality of product will be their demise if they're not careful.
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    There are a lot of problems with the game I won’t rehash as many here have listed them repeatedly over the last few months.  I do think and I’ve seen this in both ‘17 and ‘18 as well as we wrap up the regular season there seems to be an uptick in people quitting the game for this reason and that reason and I get it.  I’ve cut back slightly too (a combination of back pain and burnout).  Honestly I still play more because of my small club it’s just nice to see what can be accomplished with 4 competing with full clubs.  
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