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I am 1 of those Silver teams that has stayed silver. Use to kill cvc. Still win a lot. Bought Field pass with intentions of going gold this weekend. Then I pulled legends Schmidt and Mcrae. I am a royals Fan and already have ops Brett at 3rd so I will dump Schmidt after the weekend. Sitting on 165k xp /124k prime xp/ 7k legend xp./ 1k evo and 3 mil cash...…. trade in values...202k xp/  36k prime xp/  5k legend xp. . I enjoy the game at Silver. Should I even go Gold? I log on and read post everyday, but seldom ever post. Any advice would be awesome! Thanks!


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    I’ve got a lot more resources than that and I’m staying Silver. If you don’t have enough to cap a few of your best players, don’t think it’s worth jumping until you do. Others may disagree but just my opinion
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    Agreed. At Gold, you want all Legends & Primes, your XP in those categories is well short 
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    I enjoy the game at Silver. 
    Just me in my world of enemies.
  • goodbadnocreditgoodbadnocredit 21 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Thanks everyone. I have only lost 1 cvc so far this weekend. No one else in my club plays and I usually wait before I do to give them a chance. I appreciate the info!!
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    @goodbadnocredit Yeah best bet for you is to sit at silver, and try and cycle woh on mondays as much as you can. To take a prime or legend from silver to gold, is like 71k in pxp/lxp. Its a grind to get those resources, so if you arent able to play as much, id personally stay silver and just dominate the cvc’s like youve been doing. You can easily build an all legend team, at half the cost it does at gold. I personally wish i stayed silver, but happy with the team i managed to put together at gold thanks to woh. Prioritize woh if your plan is to build an all legend team. 
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