Extra bases - you guys serious?



  • mwilson829mwilson829 Registered Users, Member 364 Posts
    I don't know, seems like I get franchise coins in 70% of my tournament boxes ...
  • 2003cobra2003cobra Registered Users, Member 2,678 Posts
    @navyjack somebody disagrees with your screenshot. Are u lying to us? Nice job
  • DFBBDFBB Registered Users, Moderators, Member, Moderator 6,602 Posts

    Yesterday I played it (no auto sim) with the other roster and did very well.

    They clearly did something yesterday to make it impossible. May as well have thrown me curves I couldn't hit the entire time. So pointless.

    a couple of days ago, everyone had plat bats and all upgrades/pennants were boosted to 100. Last night/this morning, we used our actual team.
    If you're not having fun, you're losing.
  • redlegs2018uredlegs2018u Registered Users, Member 1,048 Posts
    I dumped a bunch of my coins (still have almost 1700 of them) but finished 15th in my bracket.  Would have done much better but had no gold to spend it was a bit more bearable using my own team vs the stock plat team as a diamond team.  
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