Blue vip badge

HaraycarayHaraycaray Registered Users, Member 910 Posts
What’s that mean exactly?


  • mythicaldragonmythicaldragon Registered Users, Member 1,681 Posts
    Its means you spent a lot of money 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • JEDDDOGGYJEDDDOGGY Registered Users, Member 1,976 Posts
    Yeah it’s like 53 grand lol
  • slafrance2slafrance2 Registered Users, Member 1,213 Posts
    So I’m assuming the same with the green and purple one?
    Swing or no swing you're missing that curveball.
  • BigpredfanBigpredfan New Member Registered Users 2,972 Posts
    I mean, I obviously want a blue ring. It’s as good as a sticker and all I have to do is reach all-star level 25.....
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