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Normally I’ll spend Wednesday hammering out tournaments and bonus games, but today when I logged in and saw it was a Pirates royale I was immediately out. I spent a grand total of probably 10 minutes on the game today as a result. These next few days are literally the biggest spectacle of the baseball world and on a day where royale coincides with a game they throw this at us. I don’t feel it is the case all of the time, but how can this be overlooked? 
On a side note it was surprisingly refreshing not being “glu’d” to my phone all day. Unless I’m blown away by an event or a player in a box given I have the resources to level them, this more than likely will become the norm for me. The recent blunders in game haven’t helped a whole lot either. Im curious if this is a common notion shared by the community, because it should be.


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    Really thought that after they threw Prime Sigs Cole and Scherzer at us yesterday we'd see Prime Sigs Stras and Verlander today.  
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    spent all day hammering videos while at work and while watching tv / the game. did one quick cycle of slugfest but that's it. this is what glu gets for doing double vids all week, not that i'm complaining. i'd rather not play, but instead resource farm during crappy events (i actually like royale cause of extra woh but rewards do nothing for my team) and wait til monday to dig into that pile of gold for cycle capping hof
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    Agreed, a pirates box during the world series seemed odd. And so many other players they should've used as a bonus today considering the series.  I AGREE WITH @Millecors ;)))
    "Oops we need to restart! Yeap that's 2019 for ya!"
    – The Great Houmy
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    dkarski87 said:
    Agreed, a pirates box during the world series seemed odd. And so many other players they should've used as a bonus today considering the series.  I AGREE WITH @Millecors ;)))
    That came across as quite angry...... 
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    I think it’s definitely common they have missed mark this year on a lot of things events, atgs, sigs so much more they could do to keep us interested... like today obviously wth?? Pirates box was just bizarre.
     I’ve been excited for signature players all year and now they are just a let down. Atgs are yet to be released which is just FREAKIN bewildering at this point.🤨 I mean no offense to @blueleopard but I asked when they would hit the store and he thought I meant specials for money. Obviously they don’t sell atgs... and the store and specials are not the same thing. I feel like @blueleopard should know that. This is what we are dealing with. 😳 Again no offense @blueleopard... 😐 You can ban me or whatever that’s fine but I’m really not trying to offend just being honest.  
    Very bored with the game. Maybe atgs in January? 🤞
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    FWIW the sigs pattern all month has been for a Thurs release that stands all weekend.  I did however expect to see the JV sig vs a brand new for today only Stras sig.....was disappointed.  Also disappointed the sigs have been devalued as much as they have before the series even ends.  All prime sigs who didn’t at min make the series are on the way out of the lineup now due to the uncharacteristic large spring forward in the 520 release today.  
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