Idea for next year

mpimen007mpimen007 8 PostsRegistered Users, Member
Here is an idea.  Under the store tab you should create a new tab titled "skills" where for a certain amount of gold like say 2k gold you can swap out a players defaulted skills for something else.  The skill would start back at 0 and they would still need xp and evo to bring it up.  Also with introducing that you can then introduce skill based bonuses.  For example any batter with RISP skill gets 30k per hit.  That way it would lead to more players trying to change the skill of their players weekly or even daily.  Hope you give this a good chance.  Thanks.


  • ukw21ukw21 22 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I would have ten switch hitters with dbl woh skills
  • Kwal1984Kwal1984 1 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Customizable uniforms/team.  One click full-game simulation...  Possibly different camera angles option. 
    I steal bases quicker, then U can steal CaNdY from a baby!! 
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