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I think an adjustment needs to be made to the rewards for the respective WOH levels.

The reward for completing HOF is hugely valuable, while the reward for completing All-Star, just one level lower, is nearly useless to a mid-level player.  I understand a system that rewards customers that spend a lot of money on the game, but those completing All-Star have also spent a not insignificant amount of money and time on the game that I think needs to be rewarded.

I think it would make sense to make PXP the reward for completing All-Star, but at a minimum, I think the odds and amount of PXP that can be earned from the box you get for completing should be dramatically increased.

It makes no sense to go from getting 4,500 BXP for All-Star....to 10,000 LXP for HOF.


  • TheFullMonteTheFullMonte Registered Users, Member 1,589 Posts
    there there are a multitude of ways to solve the issue of reward disparity, many that I think are valid.  But it needs to be resolved.  It’s one of the most glaring issues in their signature event 
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    @GluAdmin should read this thread… It provides an excellent summary of the money that you are leaving on the table


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    I would also like to see the all star reward be shaken up, but money has nothing to do with it. There are plenty of free to play guys that cycle hof, and plenty of VIPs that can't cycle classic. 
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    I like my idea now that WoH HoF has been put in Beast Mode.

    Make All Star the "Legend" level. Keep the same pitchers, etc you have in HoF mode, but put the difficulty settings back to 1 (or whatever it was the Monday before last).  Make the reward the Legend player with no LxP.

    Keep the current HoF in beast mode with the Legend AND the 10K LxP as the prize.

    This way, a Silver team can still win the Legend and cycle, though it would be much harder with no XP. Gold teams and above can still win in HoF mode and cycle up with the additional XP.

    Then you would have Warm Up and Classic for the small reward, then Legend and Hall of Fame for the bigger prize.

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    LOL doc.......you just won’t let it go will you?!??   😆 
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