External memory card? Help!

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I am admittedly a bit of a troglodyte so ANY help would be greatly appreciated. My phone is out of space so I ordered an external memory card that will be arriving today. My question is in regards to the speed of apps running on the external card. Do these apps run slower? Should I move TSB to the external card...or should I leave it on the main memory and move everything else to the external card? Thanks in advance for your help. TSB runs slow enough for me now, I don't want to make it any worse!


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    you can actually get slow external and fast external, the delta is the fast are wayyyy more expensive, stuff on the exterior cards does run a tad slower, what Id do is if you have a ton of photos put those on google photos in the cloud and delete them from your phone that will free up a ton of internal space, TSB is a shit show on android a lot of the time so if you want to not get frustrated id leave it on internal memory.
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  • BigBibbins333BigBibbins333 Registered Users, Member 214 Posts
    Awesome! Will do. Thanks for the advice @matt_sackett 👍
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