Tino Martinez

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I wanted to get Tino and took a shot at it but man did it disappoint.... I got all the players pretty much out of all the boxes that had Tino in them all week so I couldn’t get to 12/12 tries or w-e. This weekend tho I got to 12/12 so I thought oh cool I’ll get rendon or Tino. Don’t want rendon but I’ll use em for points if it makes sense, boy was I in for a reality check.

They give u a box w/ horrible odds to get Tino & rendon along w/ the other players in w/e box ur buying. I think it’s 95 or 96%+ to not win them. I thought they just picked between Tino & rendon not some box bullshit. It’s so stupid how they do this stuff cuz I hit 12/12 like 3 times & got crap

btw did anyone on here get Tino? I wanted to know his overall and what his skills were but no1 posted a screen shot of his card 


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