For The Love Of All That Is Holy, Fix The Flipping Gold Farming System

drsmartassphddrsmartassphd Registered Users, Member 3,133 Posts

You folks are just brutal. I have sent in at least 7 notifications, documentation, etc, to CS about this.

Today I can't farm ANYTHING for double gold weekend because the app either won't load an ad, or it crashes after I watch an ad, thus not getting the gold I earned.

This sucks beyond comprehension. I get that you want people buying gold, but this is just wrong.  PLEASE FIX IT OR GO BACK TO THE OLD WAY.

You are punishing the customers who try to do the right thing.

Yes, we are aware of the game having crashing issues in the middle of WoH, but we can't compensate you for the gold you lost at this time. This is done on a case by case basis. - TSB Customer Service


  • bigvivecbigvivec Registered Users, Member 2,133 Posts
    LOL......The gold farming system works great!!!!!   Just need a rake that is shaped like this.....

    I love ya doc but I’m pretty sure no one in that GLU machine gives two flips about your inability to get free gold.  In fact, I will all but guarantee, the issues you are having are 100% by design and intended to make farmers think twice about the amount of effort it takes to farm gold as opposed to buying it.  

    They dont don’t care about your happiness unless by caring they make money.  Kinda like Korean groceries in NYC.....if you don’t buy they tell you to get the hell out......just business, no love lost here.  
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