Monthly Field Pass Subscription

riblessx5riblessx5 Registered Users, Member 18 Posts
I've seen the benefits of Field Pass for the Weekdays and Weekends and it is quite valuable and a great way to build a stronger team. However, I have to manage on my spending like a lot of users for TSB. You have $14.99 Weekday and $19.99 Weekend cost. Who would like to see a more forthcoming selection to either allow one to do monthly choice for either Weekday, Weekend, or both for a Subscription?

$15 per Week x4 Field Pass with a reasonable discount $50 month.

$20 per Weekend x4, $70 a month.

If you want both then, $100 a month.

Same starter awards stay the same along with Milestones. 

Myself, I'd definitely choose Weekday subscription.

ANYONE ELSE? Added ideas or takeaways from this?


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