I think I am on Likenight's wifi

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I want to start by say @likenight has the worst luck in the game and I would not challenge that.  My luck has taken a severe turn for the worst.  After going 0-42 this weekend (only the lowest prime) and 0-21 on Wed / Thurs regular box, 1/53 Kerry Wood box, 0-13 on Mon/Tues, 1 for 83 in the Schmidt box last weekend.  I did get Green on my 10th box and before that.  I would say I had average luck the whole rest of the season, some good days and some bad. I feel like I am addicted to the game, and I think this is my way out.  When my gold is done, so am I.  As fate would have it though g10 Kiner 17/17 with 80 gold boost has been 6 for 6 vs Babe over the last two events.  


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    Yes...this game can be very frustrating when you go through cold spells. I was exactly where you are on Saturday and then pulled Smith on Saturday night and Mick on Sunday afternoon in CvC boxes. Hooked for another week. At least you got Kiner and Green where they we’re not in the cards for me ! Got nothing but XPs and bxp players since Schmidt other than those two capped by blue XPs both boxes in the usually great Sunday night CvC. I think they may be swinging back towards the model where lxp/pxp are easier and associated players are harder to get. 
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    In January I was able to pull both legends from the weekend on cvc boxes only, but none during the week. Now I can't pull any 580 legends on the weekend despite buying multiple boxes and all cvc wins. But I pull the legend every Monday with the free gift box. Its obvious GLU has certain parameters set for players.
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    California Dreamin' weekend and Big League Chains weekends I pulled the legend 4 times each. The week with Double RHP Mathews? None. 
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    I wonder what the odds of their stated odds on these boxes of being right🤔
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