Blowout skill

rlphillrlphill Registered Users, Member 14 Posts
I have seen posts where folks are saying the blowout skill is great for CvC....Why would that be? Seems like it is the worst skill...even worse than empty bases. It only kicks in 4 runs up or 4 down...what good is that??? I must be missing something


  • MetsicansMetsicans Registered Users, Member 1,046 Posts
    I’ve heard it activates after you score 4 points, which is one homer, or two doubles, etc.  Even if it only activates after 4 runs, it will be active for any serious CVC round. 4 runs is one time through the batting order, or less. 
  • rlphillrlphill Registered Users, Member 14 Posts
    There is no running run count in CvC just points for hits. I'm gonna test it next event.
  • criffycriffy Registered Users, Member 625 Posts
    It activates after 4 runs. If your team is built for cvc, basically should be on at all times after the first six at bats of a round 
  • nwaredstar77nwaredstar77 Registered Users, Member 222 Posts
    It's active after your first hit in cvc. Whether it's a single or a homer, don't matter. 
  • drsmartassphddrsmartassphd Registered Users, Member 3,133 Posts

    There's a game manual that covers all of this.

    Link is below:

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  • bobrembobrem Registered Users, Member 25 Posts
    About time. We’ve been promised a manual forever. I can’t wait. Update your post, the link to the manual didn’t come through. Please hurry. WOH is live for today. I am really excited. 

    You were just kidding weren’t you?
  • FrankTheTank04FrankTheTank04 Registered Users, Member 1,092 Posts
    Yeah my LL Rendon double blowout skill is great for CvC, but I do more manual play than auto.  Auto playing gets me a whopping 1k in points... sometimes 2k.  WHOA!!
    Just no.  
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