Glu customer service #1?

Been around tsb for few years.  o many times, cs took days to respond to enquiries or gave copy paste answers without a resolve and customer satisfaction. But cause of the love for tsb, glu's lack of commitment to customer satisfaction was either ignored or accepted. How long can this go on for? This isnt a 3rd world country cause even there the paying customers are not treated so unfairly like glu treats us.  
If they resolve 1 issue out of 10, we feel so happpy and thankful cause its not common for glu to do that. So disappointing. 
We/I keep giving them chances to get better at cs over and over but it just dont happen on a consistant basis.  Like come on we are spending thousands of dollars to support ur product and employee salaries.  Im speechless beyond this. 
So i had to buy fp twice for monday and then weekend event cause it didnt activate till 2nd purchase and glu cs is atill trying to figure it out. Been more than 4 days since my first complain. They really don't know how easy it really is to satisfy or compensate their paying customers. 
Hope someone who knows how to run such business takes over this company. Just terrible service.
If anyone from GLU has any interest looking into my team and issue then the team name is comeonglu.
Bottom line, the point is the its not the money spent or lost during a purchase that bothers most of us but the customer service that glu provides after. 

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