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I know most are waiting till 2019 is done. But i have started 2020 and am not paying much attention to 19 any more. So out of these batters who would u take? I plan on having my legend a switch hitter and possibly have skills for lefty pitchers. My thoughts were berra and green. Thanks in advance for the suggestions


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    I wouldn’t take anyone under 580. It depends what you want to do in 20. If your focus is WOH I think Berra and Green are your best options. Particularly Berra because until legends come out the catcher pool is very small and not good. If you prefer cvc to WOH I may consider Posada over Berra. My personal recommendation would be Berra and green based on what I’m seeing. 
  • drknight24drknight24 Registered Users 92 Posts
    Woh is my focus. Cvc has never been a big care for me. Thank u
  • 25Jackie25Jackie Registered Users, Member 245 Posts
    Berra and lou must definitely 
  • judgesmails1judgesmails1 Registered Users, Member 114 Posts
    I’d go with yogi and Gehrig 
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    Berra is a lock,  can make a case for Lou, Green or Posoda for the other depending on how you like to play
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    I had planned on taking blowout skill guys, so Ty Cobb was a target for me since I believe the skills don't turn off/on after the first at bat in a WOH round.  HOWEVER, Glu is advertising that skills turn off/on with each PITCH in 2020, so that changes my approach.  I recommend you wait on keepers to see if you pull a righty WOH guy, and keep him and Yogi.  Even if you just open the free boxes every day, it's worth holding off - I pulled Jim Rice out of the first free box yesterday, so it happens.  Not saying he's keeper material, but you may pull a legend in the next few weeks and it's worth it to wait and see IMO. 

    FWIW I shifted focus to 2019 last year in beta and picked keepers too early.  I have regretted it all year, kept a max 520 (LHP/LHP) and 530 (RHP/RHP) and missed out on max 550 guys that would have been much more useful throughout the year.  Just wait a couple weeks - whatever gains you might achieve by picking keepers now will be erased within weeks, and you'll wish you had a better max 600 WOH keeper to complement Yogi. 
  • drknight24drknight24 Registered Users 92 Posts
    I did pull the babe today
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    so if you keep yogi thats a catcher so what would make your legend players as (position wise) cuz i think im keeping yogi and mantle with paige
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    sucios08 said:
    so if you keep yogi thats a catcher so what would make your legend players as (position wise) cuz i think im keeping yogi and mantle with paige
    In my opinion, this is the list of difficult positions to fill in this game. Keepers for C and middle infield would be more valuable to me. I seem to always have plenty of OF and 3B to go around.

    C - Hardest, I usually make my legend a Switch Hitting Catcher just to avoid this spot. This is its own tier of pain.
    2B - I have had awful luck trying to get good 2B the last two years.
    SS - Not much better than 2B.
    1B - Mid-tier, surprisingly sparse at times.
    3B - Always have quality 3B inactive.
    OF - Easiest, I usually have outfielders galore, and an outfielder in the DH spot.

    While SP and RP can be few and far between, I barely invest in them anyway. From a roster-building standpoint, the worst Keepers you can take would be 2 OF, and the second worst combo would be OF and 3B. I'd be interested to see if others agree with this assessment. I assume due to RNG that some people may have had bad luck with 1B or SS more than I have. If you go My Legend Catcher and Keeper 2B & SS you could make life a lot easier in 2020. That's why I think Yogi/Posada is incredibly valuable.
    Luck = getting all curveballs in WOH
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