Why was my account closed?

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Take a look at this message from GLU. What’s going on? I’m a 2020 VIP and they kick me out?
GLU’s message:
Hello Kenny,

We appreciate you for providing screenshots accordingly. Based on our system and on what our team has investigated, it appears that the account in question has been flagged as having participated in unusual activities that exceeded the normal parameters of the game. This results in the team being restricted in regards to some features including the following:

1.) Game and club participation
2.) Club scores
3.) Chat
4.) Donation to the club

Nonetheless, you may still open the game and play other game modes. While we do not give out details on the detection methods used, this restriction was investigated and determined to be valid.

Thank you for understanding. If you have further concerns, feel free to contact us again.

Glu Mobile Customer Care
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