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For future consideration.  Would like to suggest something to get more out of having a favorite team.  What I would like to see is a legendary group for each team.  That way the Braves fans (like myself for example) can have a full roster of BRAVES Prime and Legend players.  Make it worth while to have YOUR team by filling it with YOUR players and still being able to compete. It's not hard to get a list of top players in that teams history.  Top 1 or 2 are legends and the next 2 are prime.  Outfield, make 3 legend and 4 or 5 prime.  Same with pitchers, think it would be easier than having 5 different Alex Bregman's or having just a couple of current players multiple times on your team.  Would make people want to spend gold and money on people that they have interest in, being from their favorite team.  Even if it was just 1 person at each position for their team as a all-time legend or a hometown hero???

Food for thought


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    @wildkat12276 but as a Royals fan.......2 True Legends (Brett, White),  3 - 4 Primes (Wade Davis, Lorenzo Cain, Moose, Hosmer & Salvie) and a nice 350max Infielder Merrifield. I'll need other teams to help me along.
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    I'm not saying you are ONLY allowed to get legends or primes from your favorite team.

    Bo Jackson, Brett Saberhagen, Dan Quisenberry, Willie Wilson and Frank White arent players that should be legends???

    Every team had a starting line up of all legend or prime players whether they are newer players or old players.
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    This is a great idea, I have been playing for 4 seasons and there need to be better perks for members of the favorite team above and beyond the 15% when the team is playing.  
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