Should I go gold?



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    criffy said:
    @TheFullMonte took me about a month to get to platinum, but i also "gifted for gloves/balls" - good luck

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    I would NOT go gold.  I recently went gold and immediately regretted it.  Now I have to worry about upgrading each player and how many resources I have and all that.  To me it's not worth the extra 10% WOH advantage.  Even at gold, you'll probably still need to spend gold to beat WOH and I used to get better players through boxes anyway.
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    Go play CvC now and see if that makes up your mind.......
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    I had decided early on I wouldn't ever go higher than gold for sure, but I was on the fence of whether I should go up that high. Bottom line, and this is the key lesson: It has nothing to do with the strength of your players, it has *everything* to do with the amount of resources you'll have on hand when you go to gold. There's no middle ground, you have to be maxed right away, or it's a PITA for a long time. 

    - It's great you have those players. None of them matter if they aren't capped. The more primes you have, the more pxp you need (71,500 pxp and 80,970 cash to get each of them to G10, 25,100 bxp and 75,300 cash for bxps).
    - You need all off the relevant team upgrades. Those get costly. Bank a ton of cash (a few million, and don't forget the cash cost of leveling your players). 
    - CVC is a bit harder. It's also the best place to get pxp right now. lxp isn't easy to get anywhere, so that's on a drip-drop pace for a while wherever you are unless you can cycle HOF. 
    - Season mode is very difficult if you aren't capped. 20k pxp every 11-12 days if you can qualify for and win the playoffs. You probably won't lose a game in silver and get the same amount of pxp. 
    - Ultimately, if you go gold, you have your reasons, but do NOT do it until you have enough b/pxp to cap your players at G10. You don't get xp any faster in gold when you're capped, but you'll struggle quite a bit until your dudes are good enough to compete in everything (and I'm writing that knowing cvc won't yield the same results). 
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    I’m happy with my main account being gold, then I also have 3 alts another gold, a platinum and since I did miss silver a lot I made a new silver team. But everything seems easy where I’m at, I don’t lose season games anymore and only time I have to use gold on woh is 6.9 and 10 of HoF, cvc I usually destroy only one of my club mates are able to compete with me which makes it fun.
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