One Spot Open for the Right Team!

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Around the Horn has one unexpected spot open for the right team. We're a Top 20 (Top 10 if we're firing on all cylinders) full-time club (no reset) that focuses on all events but really excels in CvC. You can usually find us holding our own in the ChozenOnez/Sparta/JudgeSucksDidi/Swat Kings/FreshTrash bracket. We're a long-term, "Club First", family-vibe club with extremely low turnover and everyone chips in. Spending money is not a requirement - however, participation and production are. VIP preferred but willing to forgo that for the right team. Line app club group chat required. 

Ideal team: Gold 6 (or higher) with maxed roster, 100k-plus team strength, regular WOH All-Star/HOF cycler, 1m-plus CvC entries w/out bonus players.

If you fit that profile, are looking for a club to call home, and want to be a major contributor to something special, hit me up here or in-game.


  • total13total13 Registered Users, Member 44 Posts
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    Bump coz we've got one replacement spot to fill. Details above still apply. Some of the other Club names have changed but we're still here banging through, though. If the new Club Leagues come to reality like we hope they do, you should find yourself in a good place in our Club.
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