A Salute to RetirePujols

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I felt an annoying sensation. Ugh, I need to take a leak. I grabbed my phone to check the time and it read 7:28 am. Like clockwork, I turned TSB on 'real quick' and got my season mode games in. Then, I checked the line app and scrolled through the messages. 
'I deleted the app.....take it easy brother.' I checked my club chat and sure enough, @retirepujols had left the chat. I checked another group chat and he was gone there too. I had this eerie feeling. It was as if he no longer wanted to be my friend. 
My wife comes in and is surprised to see that I'm awake. She comes near me and attempts to give me a kiss but quickly realized it was a bad idea. I was still in bed. I never got up to take my leak so that also means I didn't brush my teeth. 
I finally get out of bed. I wobbled to the bathroom and finished what I needed to start about 20 minutes ago. I get back in bed and and attempt to go back to sleep. No dice. A new thought dominated my mind. 'I deleted the app....take it easy brother.'
Dang. He really did leave, didn't he? I messaged him on FB and checked the forums. I scrolled through the threads in search of a goodbye thread of some sort. No dice. I checked my club chat and there was a screenshot where he explained his departure. Dang, if only I was given such a lengthy explanation....
I kid. I've actually had the good fortune of getting to know Johnathan(or it just John? Dang it, maybe not as well as I thought. Actually, let's just stick to 'Pujols' moving forward) outside of TSB. I'm not surprised that he left, but it was still weird. His sticker obsession notwithstanding, he's legit. 
I don't agree with Pujols on everything. In fact, we have very few things in common.  However, I've long admired his ability to spin just about everything, regardless of the situation, into great humor. He's one of the biggest 'community guys' I've come across and I just respect the hell out of him as a person. Selfless, passionate, and above all else, the type of friend anyone would be fortunate to have. 
TSB will miss Pujols. Hopefully, the forums won't.
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    Well said.
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    Hear hear! I’m still fairly new to this community but Pujols was always kind and friendly, and fun to chat with too. One hell of a guy. Maybe with a little bit of luck and TSB Magic we can get the real Pujols to retire in his honor 
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    @retirepujols You will be missed sir! 

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    Thanks, pal(s). For the record- Jon. I don't need that silly H 😉 I'm also glad you thought about me when you laid back down, and not while you were taking that morning leak 🤣
    "It's amazing how much work you can put in without gangly-ass legs in the way" - Sir Tdub71
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    what do I do with all of these stickers now 
  • retirepujolsretirepujols Registered Users, Member 4,286 Posts
    2003cobra said:
    what do I do with all of these stickers now 
    @CanadaCubs currently handles that department.
    "It's amazing how much work you can put in without gangly-ass legs in the way" - Sir Tdub71
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    Thanks for the info. You will be sorely missed
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    Hey Pujols... Tks for all the help sir!!! Really sad to see you're leaving the game..Maybe you can still hang out with us on forum?...
    Staying at GOLD in 2020....

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    I would personally like to say that there have been a number of posts by @retirepujols that have made me actually laugh out loud. His love for stickers and his implementation of them on the forums always made me laugh and made this forum a better place. Cheers brother 🍻

    My personal favorite for those who haven't seen:
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    Here's to you Poo
    Nothing in life is as beautiful as the Balsamic thread.

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    @retirepujols, my brother, my pal, my friend. Nuff said, he knows how I feel!
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    As I mentioned before, I echo everything @DFBB said.  It was tough to wake up this morning and see you were out.   You are a good dude @retirepujols and wish you the best.   Except for the baseball team you root for :#
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    Hate to see you go Pujols sad day 😞 good luck 🍀 
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    Here’s to you bro..... take care
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    Wait, damn, he’s really gone. Much love and thank you for everything you’ve contributed!!!!  
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    You will be missed around the forums for sure, and in game I figure you must of helped many a team push for a higher placing... I appreciated when you helped me for sure.

    take care 
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    It’s all been said already - top bloke that brought much laughter to the masses - take care man! You’ll be missed.......
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    When I first found this forum, I used it only to obtain information about the game. I never even thought to make an account. I figured it was just a bunch of Diamond club guys talking about the game in way too much depth. Seeing Pujols’ humor was the first thing that made me realize this was a fun community to be apart of, and more than just elites talking about how good their strategies and teams were. Since then, I’ve realized how wrong my first thoughts were about this entire community. Pujols was the first one to help me see that. Take care brother, and thank you for helping to bring in a guy like me before you left. 
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