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So ive noticed that the vip has carried over.  However ive also noticed that some of the vip players dont spend money at all.  How exactly did they become vip when they dont spend.  Now i have a guy in my 19 squad that spends alot of money. And he is vip. So i have no doubt how he got his badge.  But some of these guys that are vip, there is no way they spent over 800 dollars to get it.  Unless the monies is carried over from year to year..

So my question is:  is the money that was spent in previous years credited to the next year...if i spent 700 dollars last year, and 3 hundred this year, will i make vip?


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    No you will not. But if VIP status was obtained in a previous version, '17, '18, or earlier, they would reflect VIP each year after. Assuming the carryover was in place for 2017 & earlier. 
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    Thats kinda crappy, dont ya think? I mean im an adult in my 40s, and i have a strict budget. But if a kid somehow reached 900 dollars in 18, but zero in 19 and plans on zero in 20. Who is the bigger vip in the game..18- 400 dollars, 19- 400 dollars and planning 400 on 20...thats 1200 vs 900...imo thats bass ackwards...
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    There is no way of anticipating anything glu does
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    So how do you get it then?

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    you can't spell deteriorate without detroit
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    how do you get VIP
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    I’m wondering the same. I’ve spent the “required” amount and have been here in the forums. Pretty frustrating. 
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    apparently they do not give what one wants, always what they give is not useful
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    I’m at 8570 all star tickets and still not vip
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    I have the same issue. Everyone I play with got VIP after level 10 AllStar but me.
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