Still building a separate slugfest roster in 20

JEDDDOGGYJEDDDOGGY Registered Users, Member 1,973 Posts
A couple guys pointed this out to me in chat this morning,  but one of the most touted updates for 20 was the ability to use your main roster for slugfest. However, we are all still building separate slugfest rosters because event players have sh*t power ratings. Also, if you want a player with elite power.... that'll be 20 bucks. Most importantly, I now have to make time consuming roster updates when switching between slug and other modes.

So basically they just made it worse?


  • TyroneEastwoodTyroneEastwood Registered Users, Member 272 Posts
    @drsmartassphd do you have any comment?
  • MattattackMattattack New Member Registered Users 1,565 Posts
    A mass lineup switch would be very convenient.   Been hoping for it for while when i would switch between a WOH lineup and a CVC/Bonus game lineup
  • dustyhunksdustyhunks Registered Users, Member 1,541 Posts
    Yeah even more basic than that...LHP vs RHP. I can't recall a video game that didn't have that feature since you could edit a lineup.
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    For me, this isn’t a huge deal. I knew coming in that there would be some players I would level up just for slugfest, the difference is that I can use some normal players for slugfest. Even if I use 5 of my normal roster players as sluggers, that’s still 5 sluggers I don’t have to level. 

    The top tier slugfest players will level slugger only players, but it isn’t required to play slugfest
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