No POTW/POTM is the true source of frustration

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Realistically the game is at the same point (or even better due to EB, sluggers, target bash, etc) than it was at this time last year. The regular boxes were terrible odds with not great players. That has always been the way of life and won't change throughout the life of the game since the truly best players are hard to obtain. HOWEVER, in previous years the best way to team-build in the early months was POTW/POTM boxes. Head and shoulders above all players for their active period and still a decent option for much of the regular season at tougher positions. Additionally, they had tremendously better odds, great XP value when not obtaining a player, and a longer shelf-life as a bonus. Implementing a player spotlight with this set-up would balance out the game and make it enjoyable for 99% of players. Blue Leopard has already acknowledged this idea in the suggestions box, but I think it is a good time to remind everyone of what the true flaw in the game is at this stage. Starting in May with a spotlight box of the month would actually give us an incentive to spend gold and participate on a daily basis.


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    I actually am pretty disappointed that there hasn't been an equivalent replacement for those.   Hopefully it happens at some point
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    I've also made this suggestion and they seem to be receptive of the idea. They've done it in the past with spotlight boxes so hopefully, we'll see these soon.
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    With all due respect, I am very happy without those boxes given my long history of getting jobbed by them. 
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    I personally like when they forget to update them leave them for 3 months then when you go to throw your maxed out pitcher in the final playoff series hes a 390 and you lose to the astros...I mean it happened to a friend.
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    Potm replacement would be great! I never liked players of the week, even though they had a chance at repeating (I doubt spotlights would repeat). Maybe mvps of the past few seasons? World series mvps? Playoff heros, etc.
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    Not to mention lack of team boost that helps with WOH early in the season.
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    I mean ...they could just go against the schedule and put up the live boost for what could've been.
    you can't spell deteriorate without detroit
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    2020KC said:
    I mean ...they could just go against the schedule and put up the live boost for what could've been.
    That is the answer for the live boost.  In the past, when a game was rained out, and rescheduled, the live boost only applied to the originally scheduled game.  The MLB schedule is readily available.  What is the problem with doing what had already been done in previous years?
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