Best way to Maximize BXP in Gold WOH

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I just moved gold, and it looks like  a few others did also.  What is the best way to maximize bxp during WOH day.  Cycle pro as many times as possible?  Cycle HOF as many times as possible, knowing it will be less than pro.  Repeating rounds 1-7 as many times as possible on Level 1?  I know I should be able to cycle HOF, since I could in silver, but there will be a gold cost.  I normally manual play to maximize blue cash, am I better off autoplay most of the rounds?  My team is below.  I got two Trouts this weekend and would love to level up my legend also.  All skills are at 8.


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    I can’t answer your actual question, as I don’t do anything on Monday WoH, other than try to cycle cap the top reward player and score club points.

    However, you should be able to cycle the top tower, without using any gold, if you have the skills maxed on your top 3 lefty and righty bats.
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    In fact, since I didn’t realize the pitchers are now RHP on 5.9 and 5.10, until after playing 5.9...I just completed my first cycle with these players and without any gold or video boost:

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