Club resets, b1 clubs, s1 clubs etc

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Clubs not allowing glove donations etc keeping the club level low. Does this actually make things "easier"? Is the difference more placebo?
Pros/cons in regard to prizes available VS potential strength of opponents.
I came across a club that was bronze 1. They had multiple VIPs and a don't donate gloves rule. So, stacked club, no gloves. Yet they didn't have a single top 10 finish for the week or weekend.

How much of a difference does this actually make? 


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    There are so many theories that I'm sure nobody actually knows anything 🤪 last year there were strategies that seemed to work 80%+ of the time, but this year it seems to be a crapshoot from what I've seen. 🤷‍♂️
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    PM @DFBB. He knows how to get good brackets.
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    dkarski87 said:
    PM @DFBB. He knows how to get good brackets.
    This year is different. lol
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