Customer care playing games

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Customer care is playing games. I have had a glitch with the Rogers center download during season mode for weeks without any solutions. Now, customer support tells me to send a video of the problem... 

Clearly, that in itself could be mocking, but I still get a 2nd device to record, go to send, and you can't even attach videos to the chat...  So everything for nothing, and still no solution. 

Secondly, I earlier sent in a question about resetting my created legend. I was told clear as day that the XP etc would be returned similar to when exchanging back in a regular player you've upgraded.  However, that didn't happen, and I was charged 500 gold.  That issue was resolved in the end, but it just highlights continued issues with customer support. 

My gamer id is the same as on here, hopefully the moderator can look into this please


  • [Glu Sports] blueleopard[Glu Sports] blueleopard Administrator, Moderators 524 Posts
    There's currently an issue with that stadium so I'd advise against downloading that right now.  Doing so will constantly require you to keep clearing your cache to rid yourself of the issue.  More should be said at a later time.
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