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I went to Diamond with about 2.5 mil xp and 5.5 mil cash (Gold stack is 200k+, so gold cost was irrelevant for me).  I have the Field Pass, which is crucial, in my opinion.  That’s also why I did it during the week, to utilize the 30% leveling discount over the 20% you get on the weekend (for non-bonus players, which applies to all of the players I was leveling).  When I jumped, I had all 3 keepers to Plat 10 along with Prime Kershaw.  I traded in the rest of my Primes that we’re stuck at Gold 10 because by the time I could get them to Diamond 10, they’d be irrelevant, which is how I even got Kershaw to Plat 10.  My theory there is Kershaw at Plat 10 can stay my #4 or #5 starter for awhile and get the job done well enough (he’s my number 3 right now and does fine so far).  I only took 5 bats (Wong, Schwarber, Freeman, Santana, and Turner) and 2 pitchers (Roark and Clevinger) to Diamond 10.  That left me with a little over 1 mil xp and cash each (though I can gain back a decent amount of cash from club loyalty boxes).  I only leveled those players to see how I would fare without a fully capped lineup.  If it went well, I’ll execute part 2 of my plan this weekend.  My team upgrades were are as follows:  all hitting upgrades at 80, all pitching and momentum upgrades at 70, all remaining upgrades at 60.

I went 100-2 while reaching 100 wins via BGs, with the 2 losses to Bryan11 and JTPastor...not bad at all.
Tried a few tourneys, went 16-0 to win all 4 I tried so far...again, not bad at all.

Now that I know I can win well enough for the next few days, I’ll hold off on any more leveling because VIP gifts come Friday, plus it’s a holiday weekend.  So, since I don’t mind spending some real $ (hoping for a killer $100 deal this weekend), I may be able to get a handful of better players this weekend and utilize a 40% or 50% discount to cap them at Diamond, which will save me xp, while also increasing the depth of my team - since I’ll still have those remaining Plat 10 Bats (D’Arnaud, both Ketel Martes, Keeper Brett, Perez from WoH yesterday, Keeper Cabrera, Foil Didi, Kepler from weekend WoH, Dickerson, Lourdes Gurriel, and Foil Bichette), all of which are still useful for one or more of WoH, CvC, Target Bash, and Extra Bases.

I’m sure there are even better ways to do it, but that’s what I came up with once I jumped to Platinum last week and knew Diamond was coming soon.  Figured there can’t be many better times to go Diamond than with a VIP/Holiday weekend in a few days.

I hope that helps 👊


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    Also, all my relievers are still Gold 10 and it doesn’t seem to matter much or at all:

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    Yeah, me too. ☹️
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    Only have 1.2 million Xp 😞
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    I wouldn’t recommend jumping until you have at least 2.5 mil xp really.  You could do it with about 1.5-1.6 mil, but you would be completely out of xp and only be able to cap about 7 players.
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    If you have a ton of players in your inactive spots, that you’ll never get around to leveling at Diamond anyway, start trading those in.  That will help get you the xp quicker and make it easier to decide who you’re going to cap when you get to Diamond as well.
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    Hopefully vip rewards will help 
  • More2Most2FirstMore2Most2First Registered Users, Member 777 Posts would think the regular xp in the VIP gift would increase quite a bit from last month 🤞
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    An alternative to building up a huge amount of XP, is to build up a gold stack (like the OP has).  I jumped from gold to diamond with only about 300K XP, but by spending about 190K gold on a Monday.  I capped every bonus player that day at D10 and walked away with about 3 million XP, which I eventually used to cap several keepers.  There are a lot of different strategies to making that big jump.
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    I struggle with spending a ton of gold after the hard work to build it up, lol.  I think I’ll use that strategy for a Monday once Legends come out and lxp is not on full pinch.  I do remember reading about how you did that, but I don’t remember the name of the thread.  Would you mind reposting the link to it in here please?
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    I went Diamond during the weekend after seeing WoH and tourney boxes even though I only had 300k xp. Bought FP, played close to 300 tourneys, cycled WoH 35 times, spent 63k gold (mostly on 500g box). Ended the weekend with five D10 hitters (Kepler, Santana, Garcia, Springer and Marwin), two D10 SPs (Arrieta and Corbin) and two D10 RPs (Robles and Kennedy). Had 650k xp left plus another 100k xp worth of draft picks when weekend ended and I was able to cap Keeper Cruz on Monday. So as long as you have a nice stash of gold you don't need that much XP to make the move if you do it on a Royale weekend.
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    That’s awesome @1994EXPOS!  Clearly there are many ways to go about it.  I chose to go the route of saving my gold, which I’m holding onto as much as possible to chase legends and ATGs down the road.  I probably won’t level any ATGs this year (too hard to cap at Diamond anyway), but I want as many chances at the top keepers for next year this time.

    This turned out to be a nice little thread, as it gives people thinking about going Diamond, many different options of how to do it.
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    Just to add and reiterate again, I strongly suggest jumping to diamond during a royale weekend. Stat boost clubs are such a game changer. 
    If you're not having fun, you're losing.
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    In fairness, I had just jumped to Platinum in the middle of last week and wasn’t sure if I was going to stay there awhile, plus I didn’t hit D6 playoffs until hours after the weekend event ended...if I could go back, I would have jumped to Platinum on Monday and Diamond on Thursday night/Friday morning...I probably could have had even more resources and better players right now.  Glad I could be the Guinea Pig, lol.  It still worked out well enough though and definitely much better than last year, when I had no idea what the hell I was doing 😂
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