Tournament Boxes

RodFarvaRodFarva Registered Users, Member 121 Posts
Has anyone heard anything from glu about the “new” vs “old” tournament boxes. Or has anyone even submitted an inquiry?

I was going to wait to see how the new box functions for Wednesday’s royale before reaching out to glu, but if anyone has heard anything, I would love to know. 


  • spoc84spoc84 Registered Users, Member 202 Posts
    Wasn't me who wrote in, but a club member did and cs confirmed the tournament box is working as intended.

    ie. You can't stack them anymore for farming free XP.

    It used go be like this when players first came in '19, then they randomly started going in the stacked normal boxes. Absolutely no shock whatsoever that they have changed them back.
  • spoc84spoc84 Registered Users, Member 202 Posts

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