Daily Dinger = Crashing and/or Not Paying Out

drsmartassphddrsmartassphd Registered Users, Member 2,173 Posts

Anyone else experiencing this? Last night, I had a round of 3 red target hits. No reward. Did it again, hit two reds, game crashed.

Sent CS a screen shot and ticket. Was told it was my WiFi, or maybe RAM.  Either way, they aren't giving me the gold I won (again).

GLU's inability to QA their product or fix the game from crashing has cost me a TON of resources and gold this week. It is clear they aren't going to do anything about any of it other than make the same excuses they always do.

No, I'm not going buy a new device for this stupid game. Based on their previous lies about what's needed to run it, I have PLENTY of RAM, etc.

I'm about to take a long vacation where I won't touch this game for nearly two weeks. I hope when I get back they have actually fixed something that would benefit the customer and not their bottom line....again.

"We Are All In This Together! No, We Won't Fix ANYTHING That Benefits You, The Customer. Check Your Wifi!" - GLU CS

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