Censorship part 2

mastodonrocksmastodonrocks Registered Users, Member 55 Posts
A message I just sent to Glu. I feel like it will get more attention here though so here it goes. Of all the issues, guys are starting to get really frustrated with basic posting. 

Hey, why can’t I say the words ”field pass” or “tested” or “go Bob!” Or “I need glasses” in my clubs chat room?  Seriously?  This is juvenile. Censor the global chat room all you want but we are all adults in our club and can use the word “pass” without giggling. Club friends are all I got left with my general unhappiness with this app lately. Please restore the chat to adult mode please.  Add an option within club settings for us to decide censorship or not. 


  • GVTRsGVTRs Registered Users, Member 13 Posts
    Agreed, and excellent suggestion. I can't say the most benign things and have to wonder which words they're even censoring. I sure as heck couldn't mention Brad Peacock by name this weekend.
  • BearmeatBearmeat Registered Users, Member 576 Posts
    Most guys just use a 3rd party Chat App. Line App is the most popular one. Honestly, it’s actually a lot easier to use that as opposed to the TSB club chat
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