Outfield position matters for Franchise Players

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So I stumbled across this. Not sure if it has affected anyone else.

My outfielders right now are:
Charlie Blackmon P6 227 ovr (right field)
Mookie Betts P10 259 ovr (left field)
Ronadl Acuna P10 263 ovr (center field)

I got the franchise Joe Carter who is listed as OF, not position specific and 324 ovr. He should replace Blackmon for me.
My batting order, I pretty strictly try to have a L,R,L,R...etc. So I placed Blackmon 2nd in the order, where Carter should be.

The game DID replace Blackmon with Carter, HOWEVER, it also swapped my batting order and put Betts at 2nd in the lineup and it moved Blackmon/Carter further down. Why? because the game replaced the lower overall player with the franchise player Carter, but forced Carter to be in the Right Field position.
So for 2 BGs I was forced to have Betts batting second and Carter further down.
I changed Betts and Blackmon, Left field/right field, and now the lineup works properly. 

So its not that Joe is just an outfielder, but he is in fact a right field outfielder. he doesnt just replace the lowest overall, but he replaces a very specific outfield position.
This needs to be fixed/explained more clearly. (I have sent pics to the VIP hotline customer service etc).
Just posting here for anyone that runs in to the same issue.

First pic, Blackmon in Right Field, 2nd in batting order. Betts in Left Field, 6th in batting order.

Second Pic, from the BG. Shows Betts batting second and Carter batting 6th.

3rd/4th/5th pics show betts and Blackmon swapped positions, and everything works in the batting order. Joe showing as only and OF and not a specific field position.


  • SheetFreakSheetFreak Registered Users, Member 89 Posts
    CS got back to me.
    Didn't read what I wrote and gave me a canned response.
    Not shocked. lol.

    Just letting people who may not know this yet that apparently the L/C/R outfield position actually matters for franchise guys.
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    I’m not so sure about that unless you turned off manual lineups before making the change. I believe it moved Betts up in the order because he is a righty against lefty pitcher when they substituted for the “weakest” OF. When you then substituted Blackmon for Betts as the RF in the locked RF batting second position then made the desired substitution. The RF will stay in the #2 position no matter who plays there. Try manually substituting the RF and whoever you pick will bat 2nd until you toggle manual lineups again. My theory anyway. If you did turn off manual lineups before making your initial switch then disregard ! Cheers. 
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    I quit trying to figure this junk out. It’s different than the past years, at least I never had problems before like I have this season. And if you go to the support FAQ, it clearly states that LOCKED players will NOT be replaced which is a load of crap. I opened a ticket about this, and team will be made aware to be rewritten? Fact is no one at Glu has a clue it seems. Confusing at best.
    Just a Silver team from the wrong side of the tracks, so what do I know? 🤷‍♂️
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    you threw me off with your OVR ratings. I thought you were Plat playing with a bunch of 3* cards for some reason. 
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    I posted this in a different thread the other day, but it's relevant to this topic as well so I'm reposting...

    Actual game batting order vs the lineup I set. It took me 5 games of switching around my lineup in between each game before I finally had the batting order I wanted.
    I put Daza in OF hoping franchise Braun would just replace him in the lineup....it was not that simple:
    Bellinger hit in Daza’s spot
    Blackmon hit in Bellinger’s spot
    Braun hit in Blackmon’s spot
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