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I have been a diamond tier team for the previous 3 years. The amount of time it took to maintain a diamond team wore me down each year. Last year I stopped playing for 4 months, before jumping back in around January to work on getting my keepers for this year. I knew I wasn't going to move up to diamond this year. I also knew if I was going to play this year, that I would have to try something different.

My plan was to stay gold all year, but I quickly realized that wasn't a good spot for me since WOH and HR derby battles are my favorite events. I moved up to platinum, which I always thought was the worst tier to have a team, to make WOH more manageable. I have been surprised at how much more enjoyable the game is now that I don't have to worry about constantly playing bonus games/tournaments to get gold and resources. 

The game is now a hobby for me and not a habit. I play because I want to and not because I need to. I only play on Monday, Thursday, and Royale weekends. I also log in for most of the CVC matchups, but I don't worry about putting up huge points in CVC or EB. That has been the biggest difference for me this year has led me to enjoy the game again. I thought I would share how I have survived and enjoyed my time in as a platinum team.

-One of the biggest challenges at platinum is having enough gold. To deal with this issue, I have stopped buying boxes. I only get players from free boxes (gifts and CVC). It helps to have a solo club that is gold or higher. This has saved me a ton of gold and frustration. Last weekend I opened 30 free boxes of both the 250 gold box and 500 gold box. Typically I get one or two players that will make my team each weekend. 
-Don't care about club points...except on Mondays. I try to reach the 300 million total on Monday so I get the club challenge reward. Typically the weekly club challenge box gives gold or EVO.
-I only play the required bonus games/tournaments to get the daily challenge reward. My club points aren't very good Tuesday-Sunday.
-I know most people don't want the WOH reward player, but I can level those players up without using EVO. That is helpful at platinum. I spend some gold on boosts and reusing players for multiple rounds for level 5. I usually cycle about 5 times on Monday (that is enough to get me the 300 million club points needed for the week).
-Royale weekends are used to cycle WOH to help build up my bxp. The WOH rewards players won't be closers for me, but they are solid against the early rounds of levels 4 and 5. I do 10-12 cycles during the weekend.
-Another big challenge at platinum is having enough EVO. I play a ton of HR derby battles on Thursdays for EVO and gold. Since HR battles are part of the daily challenge on this day, it is easier to find matchups (even at the platinum tier). I am not the greatest at HR derby, but I win more than I lose. Only playing this one day a week prevents me from getting burned out with the battles. This also gives me gloves to help level my club and with the weekly club challenge for glove donations.
-I get Field Pass once or twice a month. This helps get me some gold and saves me resources when I level up players. 
-My team is built around my keepers and ML. They are my closers for WOH and I have invested the most resources in their skills. I don't level up players that have the same position as my keepers or ML, unless they are a huge upgrade to my DH spot. 
-I don't invest much into my pitching staff because I don't play a lot of bonus games or tournaments. This allows me to invest more resources into my hitters. This might change if they make Payoff Pitch a regular event.

Just thought I would share my experience in case anyone is looking for a different way to enjoy playing the game. 


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    Thanks for sharing. LOVE that you found what works for you. How is the traffic in platinum for battles? 
    If you're not having fun, you're losing.
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    Don’t take one word of his advice. He once only put up 70 points in a target bash round. He has no idea what he is doing. 
  • DFBBDFBB Registered Users, Moderators, Member, Moderator 6,602 Posts
    Don’t take one word of his advice. He once only put up 70 points in a target bash round. He has no idea what he is doing. 
    This is not easy.
    If you're not having fun, you're losing.
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    Platinum battles are tough to come by outside of the day when battles are part of the daily challenge. I can find a matchup consistently from 8 pm (EST) on Wednesday to 8 pm on Thursday.

    I was really proud of that Target Bash score! I wish I took a screenshot when it happened. I could have used it for my message board picture. I have tried to duplicate that score and have been unsuccessful.
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    I agree with everything here.  The hardest part is finding the hr battles for gold.
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    I take some of those principles even for my diamond team but as my club’s leading scorer I do try to get at least one bonus player going.  I play in spurts of an hour or two several times a day outside of WoH events that I play extensively as they replenish all non gold resources.  Evo is my bottleneck more often than not but can usually cap a player I target but will usually just target one or two guys.  The mistake a lot of people make at this level is wanting to have everything like you can at silver/gold but unless you’re spending at a VIP level you have to make difficult decisions as to who gets leveled.  I’m over the easy wins threshold so I am constantly looking for big starting pitching, those PotM will help for a while and I have one I’ll cap next week but Gausman would make my life easier (starting to see a few big teams with capped 380 prime SPs now).
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    Leveled up my first prime to platinum 10. At this rate I will be able to level up one prime per month. 

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    70?  That’s a lot!   Lol
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