Season Mode Awards updated

jalapenocubbiesjalapenocubbies Registered Users, Member 1,057 Posts
A welcome addition as PXP is added. I can now go back to spending gold to play season mode games. 

See I’m not all doom and gloom. 


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    DFBBDFBB Registered Users, Moderators, Member, Moderator 6,602 Posts
    Time to to start fast playing.
    If you're not having fun, you're losing.
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    dkarski87dkarski87 Registered Users, Member 3,040 Posts
    Can start getting some pxp jackpot specials?

    "Oops we need to restart! Yeap that's 2019 for ya!"
    – The Great Houmy
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    Cooz19Cooz19 Registered Users 1,256 Posts
    Just wish it didn't increase each round. 
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