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jalapenocubbiesjalapenocubbies Registered Users, Member 1,057 Posts
I have a question. Has anyone experienced losing your auto play without even getting a mini game? I am notorious for losing my auto play by speed playing games, probably lose it a couple times a week. But I swear last night and this morning I never got a mini game. Last night I was fairly certain I didn’t but couldn’t be positive. Today I opened the game, went to play a tourney and it was gone. It was maybe the 2nd game I played. I am 99.99999% I never got one and now my auto play is suspended. I’m just curious if I’m just losing it and completely missed the mini game or if this has happened to someone else?


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    dkarski87dkarski87 Registered Users, Member 3,040 Posts
    I've had it happen as well, not sure if its the same scenario but I've had it pop up and then it almost disappears into the next one, and then the next one. Like its lagging behind the actual timer. It definitely has some bugs in it because I lose my autoplay at-least 1-2 times a week when I dont even see it pop up and then notice I am locked out.
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    JEDDDOGGYJEDDDOGGY Registered Users, Member 2,460 Posts
    Just remove it, please. Its not stopping autotappers, and honest customers are being locked out of a game feature they paid money for.
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    samthemansamtheman Registered Users, Member 686 Posts
    It’s buggy and since bugs almost never get fixed in this game it should be removed. I’ve had auto play locked after solving captcha correctly, I’ve also had the images change halfway through the time. I went Diamond a few weeks ago and they are popping up way more frequently now. I’ve never autotapped and I don’t know how to. I’ve got about 7k wins on the year so I’m right where I’m supposed to be. The captcha is definitely a deterrent- to me playing the game at all.
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    jalapenocubbiesjalapenocubbies Registered Users, Member 1,057 Posts
    I used to have the issue all the time where it would ask for “same images” and there would be multiple sets of same images. Now this seems new. It is rather frustrating. I was just curious if it was just me or other experienced it. 
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