Bench and Carew were bonus

sugarshortssugarshorts Registered Users, Member 74 Posts
edited September 2021 in Suggestions and Feedback
This morning Bench and Carew were bonus players.  For at least prime games.  Now gone.  🤔


  • mythicaldragonmythicaldragon Registered Users, Member 2,250 Posts
    Yep typical glu “accidental” bait and switch mistake. They wouldn’t have clue how to actually plan quality control a real project/job. 
    Measure twice and cut once glu 
  • ToughthundercatsToughthundercats New Member Registered Users, Member 1,955 Posts
    Why? It's so much more fun to do it Glu's way... cut twice oops that's not right we should've measured, ahhh well let's keep cutting eventually we will get it right, won't we?
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