This prime box on the counter is bullshit!!

spotspot Registered Users, Member 135 Posts
At least before you new if you opened the boxes to the counter you could get a usable bonus player, now you get a .75 percent chance !!! What a **** joke this game has become!!!!


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    tshea510tshea510 Registered Users, Member 1,788 Posts
    The biggest slap in the face and FU from this sorry a$$ company yet!

    Just a Silver team from the wrong side of the tracks, so what do I know? 🤷
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    blueurmyboyblueurmyboy Registered Users, Member 36 Posts
    The auto leveling made me apprehensive, but the box odds have completely ruined it for me. So, ea has successfully saved me money with their continued incompetence. 
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    FrankTheTank04FrankTheTank04 Registered Users, Member 1,094 Posts
    tshea510 said:
    The biggest slap in the face and FU from this sorry a$$ company yet!

    It's amazing, right?!  With all the gifts, EB and CvC wins this weekend, I ended up hitting the counter three times.  I love getting to the counter and getting no players at all(sarcasm).  Oh, I hit it once yesterday too because of gifts and CvC wins.  I've never saved so much gold in a TSB game.  I'll see if I can get to the 300k mark.  Also, what did I get from those four prime rookie boxes?  Hope you didn't put money on pxp, because that didn't happen.  Got three boxes of garbage moments, and a dumbass oak bat... both useless for the actual 3rd baseman of the Rockies who bats LEFT HANDED!!
    Just no.  
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