Easier player trade in and multiple draft pick open

EagleScout88EagleScout88 Registered Users 2 Posts
Is there a way to add a check box (like in email) to be able to “select all” yet uncheck specific ones to trade in players that are inactive. If I have 50 players to trade in and one I want to keep, I have to trade in each of the other 49 individually. 
On another note. Can you add an option to open all or even 10 at a time for draft picks? When you have like 150 it’s a PITA to open each individually. Thanks guys!


  • 2020KC2020KC Registered Users, Member 711 Posts
    Well..if you use the purchase box option in the store each night you can get rid of the late rounders...but that does nothing for the first and second rounders.
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